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USS BEGOR (APD-127) shipmates and other interested parties are invited to send our Webmaster links to other Web sites that may be of interest to those who visit our site.

The categories of links we offer for your use are:

  1. BEGOR-related sites—These mention USS BEGOR or former crewmembers or operations that BEGOR participated in.
  2. Non-USS BEGOR-related sites—These provide good material for research or entertainment relating to naval amphibious operations or they cover wars, battles and campaigns which shipmates are likely to have an interest in, based on their own service, such as WWII, the Korean and Vietnam Wars.
  3. Quality of Life (QOL) sites—These provide information useful to retired military members.

  1. USS BEGOR-related Sites:

    Russ W. Machen, RD3 (Surface Warfare), USN, served aboard USS BEGOR from 9-52 to 9-55.  Three of his many web sites have numerous photos of BEGOR and the operations she was involved in.  He even lists links that provide avenues to still more BEGOR information.  Through his site alone, one can view many sites that mention BEGOR, as he provides links to search engines on whose home page one can enter "USS BEGOR (APD-127)" to do a comprehensive search of the Web:

    http://USS_BEGOR.Tripod.com    http://USS_BEGOR_APD127.Tripod.com    Http://APD_127.Tripod.Com

    Separately from his web sites, Russ Machen has provided excellent sources for BEGOR information, such as this site, which includes a correction from USS BEGOR Association Co-Founder Roger Turk on the "Pepsi-Cola tri-color patch":

    Our website is linked from HullNumber.com. This is is a useful site for shipmates to find friends or relations who served on other ships.

    The following site highlights the distinguished civilian career of Dr. Gordon Ewy, MD. Gordon was aboard 1955-1957 as Operations Officer (the 2nd page of the site mistakenly says he was First Lieutenant). He was also the keynote speaker at our 2003 Reunion in San Diego.
          The Gordon A. Ewy, MD, Endowed Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine

    BEGOR historical links

    There are several good historical websites related to the BEGOR...
    Those dealing with the general history and specifications of our ship are:

    Additional sites related to the Korean War and the Hungnam Explosion specifically are:

  2. Non-USS BEGOR-related sites:

    Sites that provide material more general in scope than USS BEGOR, such as naval amphibious operations, naval history, naval ships of the US or the world, World War II, Korean or Vietnam War, with emphasis on naval operations:

  3. Quality of Life (QOL) Sites:

    Probably the best site in this category (first link on our list below) was launched by the Secretary of the Navy's Retiree Council in March, 2004.  It is so comprehensive and contains so many links to other good sites that any other site we list in this category can probably be reached through it, making the site exactly what the Council intended:  a "one-stop shop for military retiree information."

Please Note:  We make every effort to keep this page up-to-date.  However, the links included here can disappear or move without warning.  If you click on a link, and it doesn't work, please email ussbegor@yahoo.com so the link can be corrected or removed.

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