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The Amphibian, 13 March 1959

The Amphibian, 13 March 1959

The 'Eager Begor' To Cure Crew's 'Channel Fever'

      For centuries, men who have gone to sea in ships have found themselves affected, at one time or another, by a sickness known as "channel fever." Usually, the disease hits hardest that night before a ship is due to arrive in the home port. It is a night when sleep is difficult and the fragrance borne to sea by the offshore breezes remind everyone of the pleasures that await them just over the darkened horizon.
      Until now, no one has been able to come up with a cure for it. But now, the men of the high-speed transport Begor, due to arrive soon with its sister ships of Amphibious Squadron Three, believe they have the solution with a cure-all called a "Channel Fever Party."
      The Begor is due to arrive in San Diego Mar. 19. The night before beginning at 2000, the APD will launch an all night "Channel Fever Party."
      The "party" will open with bingo. Following the bingo games a smoker will be conducted on the fantail with a good portion of the crew displaying their varied talents. The smoker will feature western music, popular music and community singing, including selections by the "BOQs," an officer quartet which took their group name from "Begor Officers Quartet."
      After the talent show, the crew will be served hot chocolate and fresh donuts in the ship's mess-hall. Then at 0100, a double-feature movie will be shown along with some 8mm candid movies of their Far Eastern cruises. It is suspected that some success in the candid movie would provide just the stimulus for snapping a lot of souls out of their sleepiness.
      After the movies, early breakfast will be served.
      By this time, all hands will be able to feast tired eyes upon Point Loma and home.
      Credit for the "Channel Fever Party" goes to the Begor's Chief Commissaryman Robert H. Ward, but the APD claims no patent on the idea.
      Moreover, such an idea can not remain the property of one ship long and it is bound to spread as far as the malady itself.
      Commanding Officer of the Begor is LCDR F.T. Kleber.
By ENS Stuart Huntington, USS BEGOR's Public Information Officer in the Pacific Fleet publication "The Amphibian," Volume 11, Number 5, Friday, March 13, 1959.

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