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This page is a memorial to our ship's namesake, containing his biography and official and personal photographs from his naval service and his life before the Navy.

LTJG Fay Broughton Begor, MC, USNR USS Begor was named for Fay Broughton Begor, who was born on 15 October 1916 in Moriah, New York, a few miles from Port Henry on Lake Champlain.  The second of three sons of Charles Begor and Grace Broughton, he grew up in Moriah with his brothers, Charles (Jr.) and Vernon.  He attended Mineville High School, then went to Union College in Schenectady, from which he graduated in 1937.  Determined to become a doctor, he enrolled in medical school at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, which at that time was one of the top medical schools in North America.

On a ski trip to St. Saveur, north of Montreal in the winter of 1939, he met Katherine Savage, daughter of J. K. Savage, General Manager of the Canadian Pacific Railway and on 24 August 1940 they were married.  Fay and Katherine had their first child, a daughter Anne Charlotte on 23 November 1941.

Upon receiving his M.D. in 1941 Fay began his medical internship at Montreal General Hospital.  On completion of his internship, he applied for a commission in the US Navy on 1 July 1942, and was appointed a Lieutenant Junior Grade in the Medical Corps on 22 July.  After training in San Francisco, he began active duty in September at the age of 25.  He had requested foreign service, and was assigned to the Amphibious Forces in the Pacific, where he was medical officer for a group of fourteen Landing Craft Infantry Vessels.

Dr. Fay Begor, MD, interning in Montreal LTJG Fay Begor, MC, USNR LTJG and Mrs. Fay Begor LTJG Begor with daughter Anne
Left to Right:  Dr. Fay Begor, MD, interning in Montreal; LTJG Fay Begor, MC, USNR; LTJG and Mrs. Fay Begor; LTJG Begor with daughter Anne

On 4 September 1943, during a beachhead landing, Dr. Begor was mortally wounded at Japanese occupied Lae, New Guinea during repeated Japanese bombing and strafing attacks on the landing force.  He died 9 September on a Navy Hospital Ship en route to the Naval Hospital at Buna, and was buried temporarily in New Guinea, and later in the family plot in Moriah.

Mrs. Begor to christen ship Mrs. Begor approaching bow Mrs. Begor christening ship

On 25 May 1944, Fay Begor's widow, Katherine, christened USS BEGOR (APD-127) at Bay City, Michigan.  Present at the commissioning were Mr. H. J. Defoe (president and founder of Defoe Shipbuilding Company), LT. Frank B. Saunders (sponsor's escort) and Captain E. L. Patch, USN (supervisor of shipbuilding).

LTJG Fay Broughton Begor, MC, USNR shipboard plaque

The president of McGill University, Dr. F. Cyril James, presented the ship with a bronze plaque in memory of Fay Begor for the ship's commissioning in March 1945.

LTJG Fay Broughton Begor was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for his "extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty" and "courageous spirit of self-sacrifice".


LTJG Begor and Family Portrait of a Canadian-American family who made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of two homelands:  Fay Begor, who died a hero in World War II, his wife Katherine and their daughter Anne.  Our ship bore LTJG Begor's name to honor him for his courage and selflessness:  our Association honors him still.  Fay Begor's family has honored our crew by attending our reunions and sharing their memorabilia with us, for our Newsletter and Web Site.  For their generous spirit, we thank them and welcome their continued connection to us.

Epilogue (May 2007)

Katherine Begor, her daughter Anne Lancashire and Anne's children attended the 1992 Begor Reunion in New Orleans. Anne also attended the 2004 Chicago Reunion. In April, 2007, our Begor Newsletter Editor, Bill Meeker, alerted Anne to the auction of USS Begor artifacts, already underway on Ebay. Anne acted quickly and succeeded in beating out other bidders, to acquire the items for her family. Shortly after receiving the two brass items, Anne shared with us photographs of her family showing off the DeFoe Shipbuilding Company hull plate and the model of the ship's insignia plaque (knight astride seahorse). Anne's son David, away on an extended business trip to China, missed the excitement, but Anne provided a recent photo of him. Of interest to shipmates: our ship's namesake's grandson's full name is David Begor Lancashire!
LTJG Begor's daughter, Anne Lancashire, and her daughters Ruth (left) and Susannah, display the USS Begor's shipbuilder's hull plate and ship's insignia plaque.
LTJG Begor's grandson, David Begor Lancashire, away on business in China in the spring of 2007, paused for a photo to send home.

Mr. Harold Rosenberg of Montreal wrote an article on LTJG Begor for the newspaper the Montreal West Informer. He and the publisher have given their permission to reproduce that article here.

[For more on how USS Begor's insignia was designed and by whom, see the Sea Story " Begor Days and Begor Knights"]

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