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WORLD WAR II, Begor and UDT 21
POST WWII—Transport Activity, Atomic Bomb Tests, China Service
KOREA, VIETNAM—Korean War, Operation "Passage to Freedom"
PEACETIME— Recommissioning


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Nov 1944 Begor Crew at Bay City
(Credit —  Doug Hoover)
Photo ID: w018
Thanksgiving 1944 in Bay City, Michigan.
L-R: Hiram Washburn (deceased) & wife, George Morrison (deceased) & wife, Jim Mallory (still living) & wife, Doris Miller (Sam is taking picture - he is still living) Paul Michael & wife Shirley. (Paul is on the "missing roster").
None of these plank-owners rode the ship from Bay City to New Orleans. Only single men made the tow to New Orleans.
(Credit — Doris Miller)
Photo ID: w017
Begor Plank Owners training in Norfolk, VA, 16 December 1944: Anyone who recognizes himself or a shipmate, friend or relative, please email our webmaster with the row number (1-10) and "from the left" of the sailor and name him (as fully as you can). Officers, from left to right: LT C.R. Fuquay, ENS. L.B. Hansen, LT J.R. Harman, ENS. E. Klaus.
Row 1 is the officers, standard bearer and the two kneeling shipmates.
Photo ID: w019
Commissioning of the USS Begor, 14 March 1945
(Credit —  Anne Lancashire)
Photo ID: w001
Commissioning Day for the USS Begor
(Credit —  Anne Lancashire)
Photo ID: w002
"Captain" Brooks reading his orders to take command of the Begor
(Credit —  Anne Lancashire)
Photo ID: w003
Raising of the National Ensign and Commissioning Pennant -- Commissioning Day, New Orleans, LA, 14 March 1945. (History)
*L to R: SM3 Joe Lotti, QM1 Hubert ("Bert") Delano, SM2 George Masterson, QM1 Bill Bowman
(Credit —  Anne Lancashire)
Photo ID: w004

Contents | Beginnings | World War II | Begor and UDT21 | Post WWII | Korea, Vietnam | Peacetime Service

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