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Supply Division, 1949, at Subic Bay
1st row L to R: 1-HM3 Darrell "Doc" Cherry, 2-CSC Earl Warrick, 3-LTJG Jim Smith, 4-SD2 Harold Lassiter,
5-CSSN Robert "Sully" Sullivan
2nd row L to R: 6-TN Rizalino Ablao, 7-SK1 John Nelson, 8-SKSN Dan Walker, 9-CS3 Merle Howell, 10-TN John McClellan,
11-Albert Robertson DK3, 12-CS3 Havery Larson, 13-TN Antwine Broussard
(Credit —  Shirley Hammond)
Photo ID: c001
Engineering Division, 1949, at Subic Bay
2nd Row : 5-EM3 Tom Foerster, 6-BTC Glenn Heflin, 7-Homer Bartlett, LTJG, Eng. Off. 49-50
4th Row : 24-BT2 Philip O'Rourke 28-Richard Jones
(Credit —  Shirley Hammond)
Photo ID: c002
Operations Division, 1949, at Subic Bay
1st Row : 1-Louis Jefferson, RM3, 2-Raymond Bjorkman, RM3, 3-Emmanuel Galea, QMC, 4-Richard Bowers, LTJG,
5- ?  Schroeder, QMC, 6-Richard Herbert, RMSN, 7- ? 
2nd Row : 8-Gene Myers, RMSN, 9-? Glenn, ET3, 10-Robert Whitaker, SN, 11- ? , 12-Charles Cartwright, QMSN, 13-Frank Chappetta, RM3, 14-Richard Cooper, RM3 (or is it Chapetta?), 15- ? , 16-Richard Cooper, RM3
3rd Row : 17- ? , 18-Richard Andrews, QMSN, 19-Michael Amadeo, RM3, 20-John Eiman, ETSN, 21-George Schaidt, RM3, 22- ? , 23- ? , 24- ? 
(Credit —  Shirley Hammond)
Photo ID: c003
USS Begor "All Hands" photo, Subic Bay, P.I., 1949
(Credit —  Ken Valine)

See this photo in full scale in a separate window. Many of those pictured were still in the crew that took our ship to Korea in 1950 and were present to assist in the evacuation of Marines from the Chosen Reservoir on Christmas Eve of that year. DIAL-UP users BEWARE...This may take a few minutes to load.

Photo ID: c004

Begor sailors in Alaska, 1949?
Left, ? from Texas,
on right, BM3 Fred "Smiley" Hill (Retired Senior Chief, Deceased)
(Credit —  Ken Valine)
Photo ID: c005

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