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Since the USS Begor (APD-127) Association disbanded at the 25th reunion of September 2016 in Reno, there are no further scheduled reunions.


It seems to the Webmaster that we are still a community of like minded ex sailors. This is in view of the rollicking good times in the Reno hospitality room and at the banquet buffett. Lots of talking and laughing!

If you would like to host a MINI-REUNION, let the Webmaster know at his email address,     ussbegor@yahoo.com
He'll post your proposed plan on this page.

There are no rules for any events. Could be as simple as bring your own food to a picnic at a city park. Or, meet at a dinner and decide what to do the next day. Or, whatever. Your choice!
You can get an idea of shipmates in your vicinity by clicking on the Crew Location map and list HERE. It will look like this minitiaturized version on a separate web page. . Please note the clusters of shipmate's cities on the map. If you want to focus on nearby shipmates for your MINI-REUNION email the cities of interest and the Webmaster will reply with names and street addresses.

Page Last Updated: 12/10/16

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